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Benefits of a Digital Wallet in College

Whether you’re in college or you’ve recently graduated, efficiency is vital to your hectic schedule. Between writing papers, going to work, taking part in activities, and squeezing in some time for fun, keeping up with your busy life can be challenging. When you need to make quick, secure payments, don’t let your cluttered wallet slow you down—choose a digital wallet instead.

Not sure what a digital wallet is, or haven’t had a chance to use one? Learn everything you need to know about this innovative, secure tool with Varsity.

What is a digital wallet?

It’s a payment system that allows you to store cash and credit card data online. A digital wallet, which you may also have heard referred to as an e-wallet, allows you to pay bills, send money to someone, or pay companies for goods or services. Mobile wallets are slightly different. While serving the same purpose as digital wallets, mobile wallets come in the form of apps stored on your phone. Digital wallets can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Digital Wallet Advantages

One of the best things about using a digital wallet is that it makes your life easier. When a typical day includes going to class, hitting the gym, meeting up at the library for a group project, working for a few hours, and finally getting some rest, anything that saves you time and energy is a must-have. There’s no need to carry a physical wallet and worry about losing or forgetting a card. Here are some other good reasons to use a digital wallet:

  • Transactions are secure
  • Allows contactless payments
  • Makes it easy to get rewarded for purchases

You get all the benefits of carrying a billfold that’s stuffed to the gills with credit, debit, and loyalty cards—without all the hassle. As a bonus, you’ll find it easier to stay organized while carrying less stuff.

How to Use a Digital Wallet

To use your digital wallet from Varsity, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on your smartphone’s operating system. When you make a purchase, Visa uses your digital account number to process the transaction. Behind the scenes, it works the same way as handing over a physical debit card—minus the need to carry an actual card.

Open an Account with Varsity to Enjoy a Digital Wallet Today

Chances are good that, as a student with a jam-packed schedule, you’re always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient. Streamline your wallet—and your life—with a digital wallet from Varsity. We make it unbelievably easy to pay for the things you want and need, all while staying organized and safe. Open an account in minutes and start using Varsity’s Digital Wallet tool today!

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