Stay on top of your account by setting alerts!

Get alerts about what’s happening with your account!  Use our alert systems to receive notifications about your account balance, when a debit or credit occurs, when a loan payment is due when your credit or debit card is used, and much more!


Get started with alerts today by following a few easy steps!  

If you are using a desktop computer/browser, you simply log into your account. From a mobile device, download the most recent version of the Varsity app from either the App or Google Play Stores. Once the app is updated, log in and continue.

  1. From the menu, select PROFILE and ALERTS
  2. You will be prompted with two types of alerts; NOTIFI alerts and NATIVE alerts. You may be required to authenticate your registration.
    • Select Notifi alerts to receive real-time alert notifications.
    • Select Native to set up alerts not yet available through the Notifi service, where alerts are sent only at certain times of the day upon activity. Such alerts include card alerts, loan payment reminders and secure messages.
  3. Select MANAGE ALERTS and follow the prompts to add the alert of your choice, including your recipients for each type alert. You can add recipients by selecting MANAGE RECIPIENTS and follow the prompts.
  4. Select SUBMIT. You will see a notification that your alert was successfully added. It’s that simple!



You choose how and when you want to receive alerts on your accounts!

Set up both real-time and scheduled alerts.

Alerts include account balance alerts, debit or credit transaction alerts, payment notices, secure messages and so much more!




Don’t have our mobile app?

Download it for free:



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