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Varsity: We’re on Your Team

No matter how you are affiliated with our University partner, we're glad to have you on the Varsity team. As a digital bank, we're offering university students, staff, faculty, alumni, fans, and families a chance to do banking differently.

Varsity: We’re on Your Team

At Varsity, we understand there’s often a financial learning curve that comes with heading off to college. Many students have only begun to manage their own finances as they leave home for the first time. 

From budgeting for groceries to setting aside money for future student loans, our team is committed to helping you take charge of your banking accounts with online and mobile banking solutions. 

Discover Financial Education Resources and Tools

When you need help budgeting, understanding your credit score, and more, Varsity has your back. We provide several resources, such as Credit Sense. This helpful tool pulls your credit profile from TransUnion and breaks it down into easy-to-understand terms to help you monitor and improve your credit score. Explore our other services in the Digital Toolkit!

Open an Account with Varsity Today

While Varsity’s priority is to provide fully digital financial services for students,  we also encourage alumni, faculty, and even fans of our university partners to join our team. Take your first step toward convenient online and mobile banking and open your account today!

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