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Ways Digital Banking Makes Managing Money Easier

Now that you've joined the Varsity team, you can cash in on all of the game-changing convenience that comes with digital banking.

Stay on Top of Your Spending

Not sure if you should splurge on that third cup of coffee? Checking your balance and spending is as simple as signing in. Beyond your most recent transaction overview, there are a few helpful tools to help you make that decision.

CardValet® helps you put controls on your card to track and limit your spending. Set a threshold for spending categories like food, gas, and retail to help you stay within your budget limits.

eStatements is a more in depth view of your transaction history on a monthly basis. This tool can help you review your spending within your budget each month and adjust your controls, if needed.

Send and Receive Money

In the digital age, money moves at lightning speed. Don’t let lack of cash or checks hold you back from splitting a pizza with your friends or staying on top of your bills.

Digital Wallet is an electronic version of your physical wallet. By loading your card and account information to your phone, you can make contactless payments with “Tap and Go” technology available at most point of sale systems. Keep your card safe at home and use your digital wallet instead!

Bill Pay makes staying on top of your expenses simple. You can program all of your utilities, subscriptions, and more to make your monthly payments in just a few clicks. Take things a step further with Auto-Bill Pay and you’ll never miss another payment as long as the money is available in your account!

Zelle is the banking industry’s answer to the rise of peer to peer payments, with the added security of FDIC backing. Zelle lets you send money to your family and friends directly through your banking app without having to use a third party. You’ll never have to payback and I.O.U again!

Making the Switch

Varsity customers are automatically signed up for Varsity on the Go, but we want to make sure you’re set up for success! We make it easy with our eSwitch feature. Switch your recurring direct deposits and automatic bill payments from your previous financial institution to your Varsity account.

Join the Team

Varsity is a digital bank offered through universities that provides best-in-class financial services, competitive rates, low-to-no fees, and modern convenience. We’re partnering with Universities to become the lifetime financial partner for their students, faculty, alumni, families, and fans by offering tools that put their goals in focus.

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