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Why College Orientation is Important for Incoming Students

College orientation might seem like a formality. After all, you learned a lot about your new school during your admissions tour and while researching universities. However, this rite of passage serves many important purposes for incoming students. Read on to learn more about college orientation.

What is orientation in college?

College orientation programs vary by school. Some sessions are a few hours long, while others can last a week. Orientation is mandatory at some universities and optional at others. However, the goal is always the same: to get you acquainted with your four-year home and make starting school easier.

Almost everyone is overwhelmed by the prospect of starting college. After all, it’s the first time most students will be away from their families and the comforts of home for an extended period of time. And when your first day rolls around, you’ll be glad to know more about your school and what it has to offer.

College orientation can give you a head start on a great school year. From getting familiar with your new school to making your parents more comfortable with this transitional period, the program can help you become more confident as you head into the semester.

What is orientation in college like?

Orientation is generally laid-back and fun yet informative. You’ll learn about the activities available at your school and get familiar with campus resources. Knowing ahead of time where you can find health services, the registration office, the library and other essentials will make your life easier later.

You’ll also have the chance to meet future friends, or at least see some familiar faces around campus. Plus, if you’re going to school at a location that’s far from home, you may be able to attend a special orientation program just before school starts to save you a separate trip.

What is college orientation like for parents?

Some schools offer a separate college orientation program just for parents. Having their kids leave home for four years can be really hard on them, and knowing more about your temporary new home will help put their minds at ease.

Other universities even welcome parents to join student orientations. Besides making the transition to college life easier on both of you, having your parents involved makes talking about your daily routine easier when they can picture your surroundings.

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